The new pour-over coffee brewer consists of a stylish glass caraffe and a unique funnel insert which provides an optimized bloom and flow of your coffee through the paper cone.


  • Holds 2 – 5 cups of brewed coffee (max. 700 ml, or 140 ml per cup).
  • The funnel is designed for use with any V-shaped coffee filter, thus adapting to any number of cups.
  • The unique funnel is designed for optimized percolation. If brewing time needs to be terminated before percolation has ended (e.g. due to wrong coffee ground, too much water, etc.), simply remove the funnel by its handle.
  • Made in Germany from machine blown and heat-resistant borosilicate glass, the BLOOM AND FLOW® has superior thermal properties; the carafe can be safely placed on a coffee warmer, a stove or in the refrigerator.
  • The silicone collar allows for excellent insulation and handling of the carafe.
  • The lid keeps the coffee warm and fresh.
  • All parts are safe for dishwasher and for microwave.
  • All materials are BPA-free as well as neutral in taste and odor.


  • 1 BLOOM AND FLOW™ / gift box
  • 4 gift boxes / mastercarton
  • 7 languages (EN, DE, FR, ES, ZH, JP, RU)


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