A new generation in coffee grinding… BEAN ME UP™!

The future belongs to manual coffee grinding. BEAN ME UP™ offers an effortless way to an uncompromised flavor and irresistible freshness.

Grinding beans right before brewing your coffee makes all the difference in taste and freshness.  finum®´s new generation of manual coffee grinders makes the grinding process easy and smooth.

These are some of the key advantages over other grinders in the market:

  • Ergonomic design for an easy & smooth grinding
  • 3-5 faster grinding compared to other manual grinders
  •  Easy to operate – Easy to clean
  • Continuous adjustable coarseness of grinding – from fine to coarse
  • The highly durable ceramic parts are easy to dismantle - no metal taste
  •  Uniform granular size
  • No plug – No cable


BEAN ME UP™ has a feeder capacity of approx. 30gr / 1oz good for three cups or 0.5 liter (17 fl oz) of delicious coffee with an authentic fresh flavor.


International press contact:

Ms. Kristiana Psimiti

e-mail: psimiti[ADD]finum.com

phone: +49 40 73424 184


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