LOOK TOUCH TASTE™ - directs the spices right where you want them!

An innovation in tabletop: the winner of Interior Innovation Award 2014 and GOOD DESIGN™ Award, LOOK TOUCH TASTE™ is a patented spice grinder carrying the curvy shape of a bell.  At its bottom there is a patented collecting pool which gathers the ground spices within. By tapping it, you can direct the desired amount of spices precisely where you want it!

With an elegant outer design that attracts the eye, finum®´s LOOK TOUCH TASTE™ is so much more. It includes a ceramic grinder mechanism that has passed a durability test equal to 200 years usage in a normal household. Salt, pepper or herbs can be ground with no risk of oxidization or any other chemical reaction affecting aroma or flavor. LOOK TOUCH TASTE™ adjusts the coarseness of your grinding.


  • no risk of oxidization
  • vertical / side grinding
  • adjustable coarseness of grinding 
  • easy to clean            
  • available in five colors ( black, white, ruby red, apple green & transparent / black)


International press contact:

Ms. Kristiana Psimiti

e-mail: psimiti[ADD]finum.com

phone: +49 40 73424 184


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